Things to Know When Trying to Sell Gold Jewelry

The ability to make and sell gold jewelry has been around for eons. Gold is precious partly because it is scarce. all of the gold ever found totals around 100,000 tons. one ounce of gold can be drawn out into a wire thread more than 50 miles long, or pounded or rolled into a 100-square foot sheet 1/250,000 of an inch thick. In gold mines, gold is found in only two forms: Veins and Placers.  Veins occur when molten gold and other minerals are flushed up as hot liquids from the earths interior. when they hit cooler rocks near the surface they crystallize. This usually happens within a few thousand feet of the surface. these are called primary deposits. Placer occur when the gold is found in the cracks of the ground and then found in the alluvial deposits.

Alluvial Deposits are unconsolidated sediments that have been deposited by running water. In most places you can find a shop that sell gold jewelry and buy gold as well, but how many of us know the true value of the gold we are buying and selling? Lets consider some very important information.

Alloys are added to gold to harden it. Alloys are metals made by mixing two metals together, or a metal and nonmetal together. It is the most commonly used type of metal. The different tones of yellow gold are made by alloying gold with varying proportions of silver and copper. A high percentage of copper gives pink or rose gold its color, while the alloying metal in 18K green gold is practically all silver.

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White gold contains about 10 to 20 percent nickel, zinc, copper, and sometimes platinum, but contrary to popular assumption, white gold contains no silver.  Native gold is not pure, it has traces of silver in it. Its gold contents are 85-92% pure. The term Karat is used to describe  pure solid gold. To be pure gold a metal must be 24K. Places that sell gold jewelry and buy gold jewelry have a large inventory to fit everyone’s desires.